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Make everyday life more convenient

I want to create a backpack that fits more closely into our daily lives, where smartphones and IC cards have become commonplace.


WINGSACK was born from this feeling.You can put small items in and out of the side pockets while wearing the backpack, so it won't interfere with your walking.

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Elegant, compact, for women

This project began with the voice of a female employee who said, ``I want to eliminate the inconvenience of carrying a backpack.'' Women's clothes often don't have pockets, so I was worried about finding a regular storage space for my smartphone, which I frequently take out and take out.

WINGSACK1 is made with a smaller capacity and shorter shoulder strap intended for use by women.

Made of shiny nylon fabric that gives it an elegant look without being too casual.


Focus on function and style

Adjustable wing pocket that can be set to the desired position, PC storage pocket and gadget case designed for carrying a laptop. Chest belts, etc. to prevent shoulder belts from falling off your shoulders even when carrying heavy luggage.


WINGSACK is convenient for urban life and is equipped with many useful functions.


Simple, lightweight, reasonable

“We want more people to experience the convenience of wing pockets.”


WINGSACK3 has reduced costs by simplifying the functions of the backpack itself. It's light at 360g and conveniently equipped with 4 zippered wing pockets to make your backpack life more comfortable.


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