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Company Profile

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●Company name/I-pack Co., Ltd. (Qingdao Aipao Floral Decoration Co., Ltd.)

●Established/August 2008

●Number of employees: Approximately 400 (entire group)

●Representative name/Kazuya Fujikawa

●Capital Money/15 million yen ●Affiliated company/Qingdao Aibao Human Resources Quality Management Co., Ltd.


●Contact information/

・Qingdao Head Office (China) Phone: 0532-89651511/22/33

・Guangzhou Jingling Branch (China) Telephone: 020-36922372 / Fax: 020-36922377

・Hai Phong Branch (Vietnam) Person in charge: LUONG DONG (Vietnamese)

Phone: 0904392074 Person in charge: Kazuya Fujikawa (Japanese) Phone: 0981814634

・Ho Chi Minh Branch (Vietnam) Person in charge: NGUYEN THI KIM NGAN (Vietnamese)

Phone: 0986732383 Person in charge: Kazuya Fujikawa (Japanese) Phone: 0981814634

・Okayama (Japan) Phone & Fax: 086-943-5082



I-pack Group's business details

●New business consulting for opening and operating manufacturing plants in China, Vietnam, and Italy

●Introduction of local bag factories in China and Vietnam

● Bag production management in China and Vietnam

●Inspection, packaging, needle inspection (bags, bags, pouches, etc.)

●Arranging packaging materials (bags, tags, etc.)

●Fabric swatch procurement

●Distribution processing operations

●Trade agency business or trade business

●On-site training for Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese staff

●Support for introducing employee qualification system

●Currency exchange, local settlement (deposit yen/dollar → pay in yuan)

● Interpretation, delivery management, and intermediation of product collection

I-pack Group's Corporate Philosophy

●We love bags and cherish the feeling of loving people.

●We strive to manage our company in a way that embraces love in everything we do.

●We develop people who can express “thank you”

●Continuing to walk from Qingdao to all of China and then to the world

●Always be willing to take on new challenges

●We will consider the interests of our customers as our top priority, and act by considering a good balance between the interests of the company and the interests of our employees (sampo yoshi spirit).

●From Qingdao N01, we aim to become No. 1 in China and even No. 1 in the industry.

I-pack group's mission

Solve your problems with bags and bags with stable quality!

We will continue to make innovative proposals and create new business models.


●I-pack is a company based on quality control of bags, bags, wallets, pouches, etc. in Japan, China, Vietnam, and Italy, and aims to provide a total service that is familiar with the industry.

●We always keep in mind the quality of bags and bags made at factories in various regions, and deliver them with quality that meets customer requirements.

●Because we are always attentive to both our factories and our customers, we are able to deliver products that are safe and of stable quality on time.

●Our aim is to satisfy the needs of our customers, consider the interests of the factory and the interests of our employees, and aim to enrich the lives of the people we work with. Masu.

●To achieve this, we will take on the challenge of new regions and new fields, and strive to create innovative value based on "quality."

● Solve all your worries and worries about doing business with bags and bags overseas!

●We promise to contribute to society by continuing to provide value that will continue to be chosen by customers in the bag/bag industry from each region based on stable quality.

Advantages and uniqueness of I-pack

●We can provide a total service specializing in bags and bags.

●We have a rich network of people with specialized knowledge who are familiar with China, Vietnam, and Italy.

●We have a large number of reliable Chinese and Vietnamese skilled workers and staff who understand Japanese quality.

●We have bases in multiple famous bag producing areas in China.

I-pack Group employee guidelines

●First-class work Able to always look ahead, anticipate dangers, and point out problems in advance and make suggestions. chasing work

●Second-class work: Think about it only after a problem occurs.

●Third-class work Even though it has become a problem, it is not seen as a problem. busy with work

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