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Simple, lightweight, and affordable.

A model that allows many people to easily experience the convenience of WINGSACK.

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The lightest in the model

The lightest model among all three WINGSACK models.

Using soft and thin nylon fabric, the backpack itself is lightweight. The back and bottom are padded to maintain a constant shape.


4 wing pockets

The wing pocket has a total of 4 zippered pockets on the left and right sides. Convenient for storing small items as you like.



With simple daypack specifications

The main body of the backpack is a simple daypack. It has more capacity than WINGSACK1, so you can easily pack your belongings.

We omitted unnecessary functions and aimed for an affordable price.

We want more people to know about the convenience of wing pockets. This is the perfect model for your first WINGSACK.


Rear direct pocket

You can also store items that cannot fit into the wing pockets, such as wallets and books, without having to take down the backpack. By opening the zipper on the right-hand side of the back, you can insert your hand directly into the main part of the backpack.

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