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privacy policy

When we provide products, services, etc. to our customers, we may ask them to provide personal information. We deeply recognize the importance of protecting our customers' personal information, and in order to build an even stronger relationship of trust with our customers, we hereby publish our privacy policy.

1.We will not use your personal information for any purpose other than the following.

  • To notify you by mail, e-mail, etc. in order to provide information on product shipping, new product information, etc.

  • To provide information via mail, e-mail, etc. about products and services handled by our company, or various events and campaigns.

  • Conducting questionnaire surveys for product development or consideration of measures to improve customer satisfaction.

2.We will not provide your personal information to other companies or third parties unless there is a legitimate reason. However, if the customer or the customer's guarantor falls under any of the following items, the customer's personal information may be used jointly by our affiliated companies for use as reference materials for credit decisions and post-contract transactions. You may.

  • If payment to the Company is delayed due to the customer's convenience in an individual transaction with the Company.

3. If a customer wishes to confirm or correct their personal information, the Company will respond to disclosure by submitting a document specified by the Company. Please contact us for information on how to obtain documents specified by our company, such as disclosure requests. If you wish to request disclosure, please prepare proof of identity (driver's license, etc.).

4.Inquiries regarding handling of personal information

  • Our customer service office (TEL: 086-943-5082)

5. Our company complies with Japanese laws and other norms related to the handling of customers' personal information.

6.We will take appropriate security measures to prevent the risk of leakage, falsification, loss, etc. of your personal information.

7.Our company regularly conducts audits regarding the handling of personal information and always strives for continuous improvement.

February 1, 2020

I-pack Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Kazuya Fujikawa

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